In The Beginning....

In May of 2022, a vision was created. From that vision came the high-end hybrid / subjective parody you know today as Lazy Ape Yacht Club. 

They got to work on building the bones of LAYC and hired some of the best people in the web3 community to come together.

What they had created ended up being the team of every founder's dreams; people that are passionate about what they're backing, dedicated, and hardworking, hence why they're referred to as THE DREAM TEAM. 

In June 2022, the LAYC Crew took their first initiative to be seen by the world and what better

place to be seen than the busiest city in America; New York City. LAYC hit Times Square during NFT NYC and they speedily gained positive community engagement.

In that time, they were listening in on twitter spaces; Are people liking these Lazy Apes? Do they like what we are doing? Members spoke out about how they didn't like how the hats looked on the Apes. That's when they realized they needed to change the hats. So, the artist got to work and, within 2 weeks, created brand new hats that were completely original and better than the first releases. 

Upon the new hat sneak peaks, the community was blown away and immediately started building their own trait groups and wearing the sneak peaks as Profile Pictures before the collection even released info about a mint.

In July 2022, LAYC partnered with other projects and platforms within Web3 in order to bring micro communities together under one umbrella to create a united forefront. Through these partnerships and collabs, LAYC owners and other projects can share utility and enlarge their communities. LAYC and their partners believe that in Web3 we share to grow and build together; be an army of one. 

The day LAYC Presale went live, the community minted an approximate total of 4k LAYC's including Lazy Mutants. When the Public Sale hit, it was booming. Before the sellout, LAYC released an Official Anthem - Proud 2 Death by Nessy, went to NFT Las Vegas; was the talk of the event, shot a music video for the anthem, and sponsored / hosted a Las Vegas Rooftop Pool Party. Since then, the community and the founders have been spreading love and connecting people with the LAYC. 

LAYC is the way. Stay Safe. Stay Lazy.


Partner Utility for LAYC Members

Bandana Wars

Lazy Tank 

Present your project or ideas to partner investors 

LAYC Trait Groups 

Lazy Mutant Ape Official Launch 

A collection of 10,000 Lazy Mutants with Full Holder IP Rights, as long as the holder has an OG LAYC, featuring original, brandable traits like you've never seen before. 

IRL Events for Holders 

Even More Partnerships



One of the cornerstones of NFA™ is collaboration. To that end we have formed a Project Partnership which provides both established and upcoming NFT projects the opportunity to become integrated into our ecosystem, experiences and physical location.

LAYC Holders will have access to the NFA Immersive Gallery which will include LAYC images.

LAYC Official Products will be sold within the NFA physical store.


LAYC holders will also have access to NFA's print on demand services to open ecommerce stores which will allow them to make money off the NFT's they have IP rights to. 

Ekta Logo Gradient Background.png

Ekta’s collaboration with the LAYC has opened doors to provide real world utility and value from Ekta’s ever growing ecosystem.

The first utility offered by Ekta is through their 10K Portal NFT collection that comes with a physical endpoint node, the Portal Node, that rewards its operators with Ekta every day for 10 years.

By holding a LAYC and a Portal NFT you will have your Portal Node shipped out before the public that empowers you to earn higher rewards in the early days of the Portal rewards program.

The second utility aligns with the Ekta Traits within the LAYC. This utility is tied to the upcoming launch of Ekta Fashion, an NFT High Fashion Street Wear collection that is currently used as the Ekta Ape traits in LAYC.

As Ekta continues to expand and scale, more utility will be added to the LAYC community.

Rich Fox Club.png

Created by Pro Traders and TA Pros, Rich Fox Club is giving access to their Trading Tool for holders of at least 2 LAYC NFT's. Their top tier Mathematicians and Quantum Engineers have built the ultimate trading tool so you can trade NFT's as if you're trading stock. Get access to buy the best insider NFT's, know what projects could be potential rugs, what is worth grinding for, and much more!

NFT Trading Tool Preview